Georgia solidified its place in college football lore by becoming the first back-to-back national champion of the College Football Playoff era.

The Bulldogs 65-7 win over the TCU Horned Frogs lacked drama after the first 10 minutes and by the second half it was just a question of how long Kirby Smart would keep his starters in and how many points would they pile up.

This included the Bulldogs going for a fourth down in the second half and keeping many starters on the field as they broke the 50-point barrier.

Fox Sports College Football analyst Joel Klatt described the play as “ruthless”, but he applauded Kirby Smart for keeping up the pressure.

“Part of me was like ‘is this necessary? do you really need to do this?’,” Klatt said. “And then you know what, it’s a game, so you got to go out there and play the game.

“Kirby is under no obligation to call the dogs off, no pun intended. I think Sonny Dykes would probably agree with me on that.”

Klatt also acknowledged that Georgia had backups in the game when they went for the fourth down. And the fact is the backups want to play hard as well.

“[Georgia’s] got backups in on offense when they go for it on fourth down. So it’s like listen, if you can’t stop our backups, that’s not my problem.”

Did you have a problem with the Bulldogs continues to play with a sense of urgency despite the blowout nature of the game?