Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs have a chance to snap a 41-year title drought at Georgia on Monday night.

Spend any time on social media and you’ll see just how much opposing fan bases love to remind Georgia fans that they haven’t won a national championship since 1980.

But, Smart and his players aren’t too worried about that streak. During Sunday’s media availability, Smart said he’s simply worried about stopping Bryce Young and getting Georgia’s run game going, among other things (via

Q. Kirby, it’s been so long since Georgia has been able to cross this finish line, have been in this race a bunch, but haven’t been able to cross this finish line, 41 years. I was wondering, you personally, obviously being a Georgia guy, how much of that do you feel, do you hear? I know it doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re doing preparing day to day, but do you feel that from the donors and the people who just want it so bad for the program?

COACH SMART: No, I do not. What I feel is how do we stop Bryce Young and how do we control their front and how do we run the ball, how do we throw the ball with efficiency, how do we convert third downs and stop them in the red area. That’s the furthest from my concern because I don’t all in all control that.

What I control is who we recruit, how we develop players, how we keep people in our program, and then how we do scheme-wise and things. Because if you do that right, the other will take care of itself. But my focus and energy and entire mind is on what can we do to help our players play better.

To the recruiting point, Smart has indeed recruited at an elite level during his time at Georgia, and he’s developed many players into key NFL contributors.

But, for fans, the weight of the title drought is immense. We’ll see if Smart and the Bulldogs can snap the streak in Indianapolis on Monday night.