Kirby Smart is staying calm after playing a tight game against South Carolina on Saturday.

While it wasn’t the dominant performance the many expected, Smart believes his team played well and has a lot to be encouraged by. While he wants to get back to starting out strong defensively like the Bulldogs were known for last year, he believes it’s early in the season and the team is still figuring out who they are.

“I’m very pleased with where things are,” Smart said in a press conference Monday. “I’m not panicking in any kind of way because South Carolina has a good team and we’re figuring out who we are. We’re figuring out who we are with our identity, and our coaching staff and our players and our complete organization is doing a great job. You guys just aren’t happy with the results. But I’m very happy with the way our guys fought back and came back and overcame.”

Georgia still has a long season to play and a lot of time to keep finding their identity. This Saturday, the Bulldogs will get a chance to regroup as they play UAB before getting back into SEC play the following week.