The “religious freedom bill” has a lot of opposition from those in Georgia, but no one knows how the College Football Playoff or the SEC commissioner feels about it.

The bill is intended to protect business owners’ “religious liberty” and prevents the state from taking action against “a sincerely held religious belief regarding lawful marriage between … a man and a woman.”

It’s currently awaiting a decision from Georgia governor Nathan Deal as to whether he’ll sign it into law or not. That decision could have an impact on the hosting of the CFP National Championship Game, which will be held in Atlanta in 2018, as well as the Peach Bowl and even a potential Super Bowl.

There are plenty of those who have taken a stand against the bill, including the Peach State’s pro sports franchises, Apple and Intel among others. Meanwhile, the Human Rights Campaign wants Hollywood to boycott the state if it passes.

CFP executive director Bill Hancock and SEC commissioner Greg Sankey both sent statements to CBS Sports, both of which didn’t include much substance. Both said, rather robotically, that they’re monitoring the situation and not much else.

“We deplore discrimination wherever it occurs and note that there is a public debate about this matter and its implications, as well as whether or not it will become law,” Hancock said. “We will keep an eye on this, but our group’s focus is on sports and public policy matters are better left to the experts and voters to resolve.”

Here’s what Sankey had to say.

“Our conference championship events are an extension of our universities which are places of diversity and opportunity,” Sankey said. “We are attentive to this legislative matter as we continue our policy of considering numerous factors in determining sites for our championship events.”

As of right now, Atlanta is currently set to host the CFP title game on Jan. 8, 2018.