Georgia is willing to take the next step toward becoming one of the SEC programs with elite football facilities following the announcement of plans to build a new players locker room and recruiting lounge inside Sanford Stadium. The renovations are expected to be completed by the 2018 football season.

According to athletic director Greg McGarity, the project is expected to cost no more than $63 million, with Georgia footing the bill for $10 million.

Georgia plans on moving the player’s locker room from the east side of Sanford Stadium to the west side. The new recruiting lounge will be situated above the new locker rooms, allowing the coaching staff to easily transition between the two during game days and during recruiting visits.

Here’s an image of what the stadium should look like when the renovations are complete.

The massive recruiting lounge/pavilion above the locker room will seat up to 500 people and is projected to be 10,575 square feet large. More than enough room to accommodate the high number of elite recruits and their families that Georgia plans to pursue in the future.

One thing is clear from these plans, Georgia is fully ready to compete with any school in the SEC and around the nation when it comes to the facility arms race around major college football.