All jokes aside, Todd Grantham is one of the best defensive coordinators in the SEC, if not the nation.

Say what you will about Florida’s defensive coordinator, he has successfully managed to turn the Gators into one of the SEC’s best defenses his two seasons in Gainesville and the job he did at Mississippi State in 2017 was miraculous considering how terrible that unit was before his arrival back in 2016.

However, despite all the good things you can say about Grantham, his defenses seem to consistently fall short in games involving Georgia, whether he is coaching for, or against, the Bulldogs.

The former Georgia defensive coordinator continued that trend on Saturday as the Bulldogs successfully converted 12 of 18 third down attempts against Florida in the Bulldogs’ 24-17 win over the Gators.

How impressive are those numbers for Georgia? According to Jason Starrett of The Athletic, Georgia had not converted that many third down attempts since the team’s appearance in the 2014 Belk Bowl. In case you have forgotten, Georgia beat Louisville in the 2014 Belk Bowl.

The defensive coordinator for Louisville that season? You guess it.

Todd Grantham.

For whatever reason, “3rd and Grantham” continues to show up in games involving Georgia.