Todd Gurley out remainder of season with torn ACL

NCAA Football: Auburn at Georgia

Georgia RB Todd Gurley will disappear as quickly as he returned.

Reports surfaced Sunday afternoon that Gurley’s knee injury — a torn ACL — will keep him out the remainder of the season.

In his return from a four-game suspension for violating NCAA rules, Georgia’s star running back came down awkwardly on a run late in the fourth quarter with an apparent knee injury. The video of the run, at least one doctor said, appeared concerning as a non-contact injury, a common occurrence with ACL tears.

Gurley walked off the field with the help of some trainers, which wrapped his knee with ice on the sideline as teammates Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley consoled him. He was later carted out of the stadium after the game.

The news of this ACL injury likely will end Gurley’s college career a few games earlier than originally thought. The junior running back was expected to declare for the NFL Draft after the season ended.

Although UGA’s running game didn’t suffer during Gurley’s suspension thanks to Nick Chubb, the fans missed watching Gurley play and his presence seemed to provide an emotional lift to his teammates.

If the Bulldogs do make it to the SEC championship game, the team will be forced to compete without their leader.

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  • Hate to see that. Good Luck Gurley, RTR!

  • Man that sucks. As much as i would want him to come back for his senior year…..well i cant hate if he goes to the NFL for his money b/c he deserves it.

  • Sorry to hear that, this guy is a monster, and while Chubb could eventually compete for the Heisman, he’s not Gurley yet. Get well soon TG.

  • Hate to see it. Richt shouldn’t have ridden him so hard while he was cold being off 4 games.

    • I hate it for Gurley too…Amazing talent…Too bad a sound stomping of AU wasn’t good enough for the Georgia coaching staff….Should have let him rest to fight another day..Losing this talent after a 4 game suspension to really really show Auburn up probably wasn’t worth it.

      • It reminded me of Tyrone Prothro when Mike Shula was up on FL by 35 points and had his game changer on the field playing..The most idiotic blunder of the last 10 years in coaching but atleast Gurly can come back.Prothro is a bank teller in Tuscaloosa

  • Hated watching that last night!! GL Todd!! RTR

  • Good luck Todd. You’re going to have a great career after you come back.

  • Praying for a speedy recovery.This dude’s 1st touch of the football went 100 yards..I know a holding penalty called it back but what an impact he is.The (Real Deal Holyfield) will be back at 100% and making big $$ in the NFL!!!Get well Gurly!!!

  • Man, I hate this so much. I know he probably shouldn’t have been in the game but I just can’t believe that we’ve had two guys with knee injuries that come from just landing on it the wrong way. Such bad luck. I almost kind of wish Gurley hadn’t of come back just so he’d be 100% for the NFL because he’s such a talented athlete. Hopefully he gets well soon and can continue to have a good career in the NFL.

  • I hate that. Dont like Georgia but seeing a young man whos already gone though injuries like this before get hurt again really sucks

  • I absolutely hate this for him because he is such a gifted athlete. I hope he bounces back from it quickly and fully, but these are the moments you wonder why you have certain first stringers in when you have a commanding 4th quarter lead. I’ve never understood it because that seems to be when half of these serious injuries happen. Best of luck, Gurley. War Eagle.

  • What a bummer. Hate to see any of these great athletes suffer injury. The upside to this is that he will certainly be back and playing. It will be exciting to see him play on Sundays.

  • Broke my heart to see this. Todd is a great athlete, fine young man and a ton of fun to watch run (except for that one time in Columbia haha). I will be praying for a speedy recovery and will look forward to the NFL highlights that are bound to come!