At the end of last season, and into the playoffs, former Georgia RB Todd Gurley dealt with a knee injury, but he insists it’s nothing major.

As the Los Angeles Rams prepare for the 2019 season, they’re hoping their star player is healthy and ready to handle a full workload once again.

On Wednesday, CBS Sports writer Bill Reiter spoke with Gurley, who said pushing through pain is part of being a football player, but his is nothing too bad he can’t handle it:

“I’m doing everything I’ve always done this offseason,” he said. “Working out, getting ready for the season. Training camp is coming up. … Being a professional, going into my fifth year, I’m feeling good, just working out and getting ready for the season. … I play football, so I’m pushing through stuff here and there, but it’s nothing too crazy.”

We’ll get to see just how healthy Gurley is when the 2019 season starts, but for now, it seems he’s happy with where he’s at.