Now that true freshman QB Jake Fromm has taken over for Jacob Eason and led the Georgia Bulldogs to the College Football Playoff, many are speculating that Eason, a former 5-star recruit, will transfer.

Adding to Eason’s potential decision is the fact that the nation’s No. 2 overall player, dual-threat QB Justin Fields, is committed to Georgia’s 2018 class.

Though Eason hasn’t commented on his impending decision, his high school coach, Tom Tri, told 247Sports that Eason will have to put his sense of loyalty aside and decide what is best for him moving forward:

“He’s got to balance a sense of loyalty to his teammates and the school that he committed to with ultimately the tougher decision: What’s best for Jacob?” Tri told 247Sports. “You can’t necessarily ask, ‘What’s best for Georgia?’ You have to ask, ‘What’s best for Jacob?’ That’s the question he needs to answer.

“That’s the million dollar question right there.”

Tri said he can’t imagine what’s going on in Eason’s head right now, but said Eason may have to put his loyalty to the Bulldogs aside if that’s what’s best for him:

“That’s probably what’s weighing heavily in his head right now,” Tri said. “Knowing his personality and watching him grow up, he’s a very loyal kid who wants to do right for Georgia. But really his decision at the end of the season is what’s right for Jacob.”

Nothing will likely be decided before the Bulldogs’ Playoff run comes to an end, but when the offseason does begin, all eyes will be on the sophomore quarterback.