Will Levis and his NFL prospects were a big topic of conversation during Kentucky’s game with Ole Miss on Saturday.

Levis finished 18-for-24 passing for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 22-19 loss to Ole Miss, but he made several mistakes that ESPN’s Booger McFarland pointed out, specifically his pocket awareness.

“Intentional grounding in the end zone and taking a sack/fumble Not exactly what you are looking for.”

Levis was also charged with 9 carries for a negative 19 yards rushing.

This came after ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay reported from the sideline during the game that Levis is a top 3 quarterback in the eyes of NFL scouts and front offices preparing for the 2023 NFL Draft. McShay has said that multiple teams have Levis ahead of Alabama’s Bryce Young, mostly because of his size, both heights and weight, compared to Young.

With that kind of performance at Ole Miss, it will be interesting to see if that changes any minds from an NFL perspective.