Kentucky had one of the most disappointing losses last week when the Wildcats fell to Ole Miss in overtime at Kroger Field. But coach Mark Stoops is not dwelling on the entire game, and knows there were positives to take from the game, even though disappointments are remembered, too.

Would you do anything different?

“Oh, I think he definitely at times would do some things different there’s no question,” Stoops said Wednesday on the SEC coaches media teleconference. “Overall, I mean, again we played a heck of a lot of good plays in that game, and had some good possessions. So I wouldn’t say you would just throw out the whole game plan that’s for sure.”

However, it does lead him to reflect on how to fix what went wrong, especially for a defensive-minded head coach.

“But anytime you don’t have success you have to start with yourself and what you did to put them in a position to to win,” he said. “And, you know, and then the things we did wrong, you know, so the first half again was probably winning football as explosive as they are you know defensively and I don’t know I think we had three or four possessions that were three and outs. You know, so you’re getting some stops, second half was, was an issue when they go out. So, what was it at the end of regulation 35. … I don’t know off the top my head but it seems like it’s been a while since we gave up 35 in regulation and so obviously not good enough for my liking.”

The Wildcats will get back in action this week against Mississippi State.