Facing a team that just lost isn’t always the best recipe for success, especially if said defeat came in upset fashion. That team is usually highly motivated the following week and takes their anger out on the next opponent.

Kentucky will be dealing with that problem this week, as the Wildcats visit Georgia, who just suffered its first loss of the 2019 season to South Carolina in a game where Vegas favored the Bulldogs by about three touchdowns.

During his teleconference on Wednesday, Wildcats head coach Mark Stoops said they expect Georgia to “respond in a positive way” following its humiliating defeat. He also added that the Wildcats will get their best and “need to match that” in order to win.

At the end of his call, Stoops also said “Georgia will embarrass you if we don’t play with more consistency.”

Georgia has won nine straight against Kentucky. Last season, the Bulldogs knocked off the Wildcats, 34-17.

Here’s what else Stoops said on Wednesday:

  • On helping Lynn prepare during the bye: The fact that he took some snaps, direct snaps and toyed with him at QB some this year and the last few years, for him, it’s like riding a bike. Going back to HS, he is a natural. We all know he’s an athlete but even with his reads, he did a lot of good things. On one hand it doesn’t surprise you but on the other hand, it gives you optimism about what we can do moving forward.
  • What does that say about him that he was able to do that and do it successfully? He has a very high football IQ, he can play any position because he knows what to do… it speaks volumes of him, his IQ and what he is able to do.
  • On UGA, how do teams bounce back from a tough loss: It depends on the situation and what is going on with the team… when we lost to Florida, limping into the bye week, it was tough on us. For Georgia, so talented and so deep, you expect them to respond in a positive way… I’m sure we will have their full attention.
  • On Georgia’s run game against UK’s run defense: They are big and physical upfront, they are so deep, starting with Swift, I feel like they have four very talented guys… we have been inconsistent, we gave up a 74-yard run on the second play but then played well the rest of the game… Georgia will embarrass you if we don’t play with more consistency.