SEC Network analyst Chris Doering understands what goes into coaching and making adjustments in the SEC. So in the case of Kentucky’s offense this season, the former Florida player is impressed.

During the weekly recap of highlights on Saturday night, Doering admittedly became choked up discussing what UK’s coaches have done since the injuries to QB Terry Wilson and QB Sawyer Smith. Inserting WR Lynn Bowden into quarterback and becoming a productive offense with wins over Arkansas, Missouri and Vanderbilt has been impressive in Doering’s eyes.

Doering referred to a similar coaching situation for UK in 2016 when it relied on its offensive line after Drew Barker went down with an injury.

“All of a sudden, that’s when they develop this blue-collar mentality,” he said. “I’m getting choked up about it, but I’m fired up about Eddie Gran, I’m fired about what this entire team has done. This is a bold move, man.”

Fellow analyst Gene Chizik said, “how can you win games in this league knowing you can’t throw it. At least you can’t throw it effectively like you’d like to, and you just say, ‘We’re going to rush it 50 times a game.'”