Will Levis is expected to throw on Saturday at the NFL Combine on Saturday, and for ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky, there’s plenty to prove.

The former Kentucky quarterback is trying to prove that his raw talent can translate to the NFL after he was on a team that struggled last season, and barely made it over .500 for the year.

Levis has the frame and arm strength to put him near the top of the QB class, but he also transferred from Penn State, and to some NFL scouts and analysts, is not as polished as Bryce Young or CJ Stroud.

“The talent that Coach (Mark) Stoops is stalking about, it doesn’t match the tape,” Orlovsky said. “And you have to find the reason of, the offensive line is awful, and their receivers, there’s more plays when they’re not open than when they’re open. Because there are times when you go, ‘Well, there’s that talent that’s making him in this top 5 conversation.'”

While Orlovsky said Levis is similar in some ways to Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, he said general managers and quarterback coaches have a right to ask what went wrong on so many plays at UK.

“I want to hear him tell me what his thought process was,” Levis said.