Joe Burrow doesn’t shy away from predicting success for himself and his team. The Heisman Trophy winner’s confidence has become a big part of his personality. Burrow maintains the right amount of authenticity to stay on the right side of the line that divides confidence and off-putting cockiness.

During a busy Media Day in New Orleans, Burrow took some time to talk to one of LSU’s own reporters, Emily Villere Dixon. In a clip shared on LSU football’s official Twitter account, Dixon showed Burrow a photo of him as young boy.

After discussing whether young Burrow looked like a future Heisman Trophy winner, Dixon asked Burrow what he would say to his younger self.

“He looks like a national champion,” Burrow quickly replied.

Burrow is consistent in his confidence that LSU will win the national championship. Tigers fans might remember that Ed Orgeron handed Joe Burrow the game ball after the SEC Championship Game. Burrow handed the ball back, telling Orgeron “I’ll take the game ball after the National Championship.”