Gloria Scott, the 74-year-old woman who says Derrius Guice sexually harassed her in 2017, says Ed Orgeron lied to investigators.

Scott, who says she has been a New Orleans Saints fan since 1967 and LSU fan “for almost as long,” testified before the Louisiana Senate Select Committee on Women and Children about the December 2017 incident and LSU’s handling of the situation. Before her testimony, she also spoke to USA TODAY.

Scott’s story of being harassed by Guice came to light in the recently released 148-page report of the law firm Husch Blackwell’s investigation into LSU’s roughly 60 sexual misconduct cases since 2015.

Scott was 70 when she was working security at the New Orleans Superdome for the Louisiana high school state championships when she says she encountered Guice, per USA TODAY:

“I like to (expletive) women like you, you older women, because y’all know y’all like us young men to (expletive) y’all,” Scott said Guice told her. “And, you know you want this body.”

Guice kept making vulgar comments while rubbing his body up and down, from his chest to his genitals. She said she asked Guice to move away and leave her alone, but he refused. He had a big grin on his face, she said, and his friends were on his sides, laughing. This went on for a few minutes, Scott said.

According to the Husch Blackwell report, Scott called the football office on Dec. 13. She says she got a call from Oregon and football recruiting director Sharon Lewis the next. Scott says Orgeron told her Guice was in the room and wanted to apologize. Scott says he told them she did not want an apology but wanted accountability by having Guice not play in the bowl game. Scott says that Orgeron promised to get back to her but never did.

Orgeron, however, told the investigators he never talked to Scott (USA TODAY):

In his interview with Husch Blackwell, Orgeron denied having direct communications with Scott. Orgeron said Senior Associate Athletic Director Miriam Segar “told us about the incident,” and Segar, Deputy Athletic Director Verge Ausberry and an attorney for the Baton Rouge law firm Taylor Porter “did an investigation.” But Orgeron said he himself “was not sure happened.”

“Coach O is telling a lie,” Scott said, as tears rolled down her cheek, per USA TODAY. “He’s not telling the truth. I don’t have no reason to lie. I know who I was talking to. He knows he talked to me.”

LSU athletic department spokesman Cody Worsham told USA TODAY on March 18 that Orgeron denies that he spoke to Scott directly.