It’s a scary thought. Well, at least it would be for the rest of the NFL.

The possibility of Todd Gurley and Odell Beckham Jr. playing in the same offense would certainly be a game-changer in Los Angeles.

If Gurley has it his way, Beckham will take his talents to L.A. this offseason. The former Georgia star spoke about the possibility of the Giants trading Beckham to the Rams:

“There’s always enough snaps,”¬†Gurley, speaking hypothetically, said grinning (via the Los Angeles Times). “There’s always enough snaps. If we had him, man, it would be awesome. I’d be happy, (Jared) Goff will be happy, coach (Sean) McVay will be happy, (owner Stan) Kroenke, the whole team would be.”

Beckham has reportedly been involved in trade discussions the last week. Adam Schefter reported that the Giants were looking to get two first-round picks for the superstar wideout.

Whether the Giants get that remains to be seen. Either way, Beckham made his feelings known that he’s seeking a new contract from New York.

As for whether or not the former LSU wideout reached out to Gurley about L.A., Gurley said “”hmm, I don’t want to say all that” and added “that’s my boy” (Los Angeles Times).

We’ll see if his boy winds up in L.A. and forms a deadly duo.