As states across the Southeast have written, and governors signed, legislation related to name, image and likeness for college athletes, they have pegged July 1 as a start date, a common practice for most new legislation.

However, Louisiana has added a twist to its legislation that may give LSU, and other in-state schools, somewhat of an advantage. A key point about Senate Bill 60: it takes effect upon Gov. John Bel Edwards signature. This means Louisiana could be the first state to actually begin its NIL law. Most are pegged for July 1, Brooks Kubena of The Advocate reported.

Another wrinkle is that, a “piece of Louisiana’s bill is that it also allows athletes and schools to broker with a third party to allow athletes to use the school’s marks and logos. That can create more value for lesser known players who can associate with their school.”

Here’s one perspective. Sen. Bodi White, R-Central, the chairman of the finance committee, addressed the bill’s obvious implication after the committee officially labeled the legislation “favorable,” ready for a vote on the Senate floor.

“I know we want to get out front,” White said. “I wish you the best. I’m not going to say it’s a recruiting tool. But it is.”