It’s been reported by numerous outlets that Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin is the top target at LSU for the same position.

Conventional wisdom states Kiffin would rather have a head coaching gig. If this ultimately doesn’t come to fruition, Kiffin may make the rare move from one SEC West rival to another.

When looking at Kiffin’s numbers as an offensive coordinator, he’s generally done a good job at every stop he’s had:

Statistically these are very solid numbers. However, is Kiffin really the best man for the job in Baton Rouge? Head coach Ed Orgeron has preexisting ties with the former USC head coach — which speaks to LSU’s heavy interest.

However, there’s another former Pac-12 head coach with an even better offensive resume:

It would be very fascinating to see Mark Helfrich bring his high-octane offense to SEC country. With the athletes he’d have to his disposal, no one at LSU would confuse this scheme with the antiquated one former head coach Les Miles opted to utilize.

Should Kiffin get a head coaching position, it may behoove LSU into looking at Helfrich.