During his time at LSU, coach Les Miles developed quite the reputation for running trick plays no matter the circumstance.

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On Monday afternoon, Miles revealed which trick play was his favorite, and it should come as no surprise that it came in a critical situation against Florida.

As you can see in his answer below, Miles cited a 2010 fake field goal against the Urban Meyer-led Gators as his top trick play. He said the play, in which the holder tossed the ball over his head to the kicker, would have worked even better if the toss had been better:

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Relive the play in all its glory below:

It takes a lot of bravery to call a play like that in a situation like that, but that’s why the Mad Hatter got his nickname.

LSU scored a touchdown on that drive and went on to win 33-29, so it worked out well for the Tigers and became one of Miles’ most memorable moments as a head coach.