An attorney for Les Miles recently requested LSU release all its information following the internal investigation the school did back in 2013 following allegations made against the former Tiger coach. Now that those findings have been released, it seems like an odd request by Miles’ attorney.

The findings of LSU’s 2013 investigation, which were made public on Thursday, report no legal violations were proven against the coach but do note Miles “engaged in behavior which showed poor judgment” when it came to his involvement with female students.

According to the report, one female student employee alleges during a private meeting in the coach’s office, Miles asked her to put her number in his personal cell phone and use an alias. He said he would do the same for her. She also alleges during another encounter, Miles suggested a meeting in a hotel room or his condo. She also alleges Miles kissed her twice during that meeting.

Miles has denied these claims.

According to the report, the student employee reported these claims to her supervisors at the time and she later quit her job, citing Miles making her feel uncomfortable. After meeting with the student, LSU initiated the internal investigation.

Following LSU’s review, Miles was banned from texting, calling, emailing or using social media to communicate with any student employees of the football program or the athletic department. He was also banned from asking student employees to do work outside of the football program, such as babysit or run errands.

LSU also required Miles to attend eight sessions with an attorney, which he would be required to pay for.

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