It’s widely assumed that Michigan will fire head coach Brady Hoke in the near future, but that move hasn’t been made yet. According to a report from, it could be because they’re “struggling” to find candidates interested in the job. That includes LSU coach and noted Michigan alumnus Les Miles.

Per the Football Scoop report, Michigan athletic director Jim Hackett has reached out the several candidates, garnering less-than-positive feedback. Apparently, there is “significant disagreement” on whether or not the Wolverines will reach out to Miles. Some, including Hackett, believe Miles would be a strong candidate. Others believe it is not in the best interest of the school to reach out to LSU’s head man for fear that he would publicly acknowledge their interest and end up staying at LSU, thereby hurting Michigan’s search.

Miles, of course, has been contacted by Michigan before, turning his alma mater down for their last two coaching vacancies.

Meanwhile, Hoke is still employed at UM following the Wolverines’ 5-7 season, the third losing season since 2008 for the proud program. He has two years left on his contract. It would reportedly cost Michigan $3 million to buy him out before Dec. 31, and $2 million thereafter.