LSU offensive lineman Josh Boutte’s clothesline on Wisconsin’s D’Cota Dixon Saturday was one of the most talked about moments of Week 1.

Boutte was immediately thrown out of the game for a flagrant personal foul. However, LSU coach Les Miles defended his player after the game.

Miles specified that he still “has to see the film,” but claimed Boutte is “not a malicious guy.”

“I grabbed him right away when it happened, I’ll have to see the film,” Miles told the Times Picayune. He’s an offensive lineman in protection. What happens downfield many times, you can be protecting beyond the play with the idea you don’t know if the ball is even thrown.

“It’s very logical he did not know the guy had gone down and was just running. He just came up on a guy he thought was returning the ball and made a tackle. And that’s what he said (to Miles), and I believe it. He’s not a malicious guy. I can’t imagine he saw him go down and went and made a tackle.”

Wisconsin defeated LSU 28-24 in Saturday’s game.