Last season, LSU went out to Los Angeles in December and lost to USC 70-68 in a hard-fought game.

It seems there was at least an implied agreement that the Trojans would come to Baton Rouge this coming season, but coach Will Wade doesn’t think that will happen.

In an interview on Monday night, Wade was upset with how negotiations were going for the return trip (via The Advocate):

“That has not gone the way we planned. That would be the nice way to say it,” a clearly perturbed Wade said. “Probably not this year for sure. Maybe the following year.”

Wade followed up that comment by saying: “The only time people lie more than in recruiting is in scheduling.” He did not give any other details.

LSU still has plenty of openings on its 2020-21 nonconference schedule, so we’ll see if the Tigers eventually work out a deal with the Trojans.