Tom Luginbill has evidently heard rumblings that a prominent Big 12 coach could be in the mix for the open LSU coaching job.

Luginbill, the ESPN college football analyst, shared on “The Next Round Live” that Oklahoma has had several unusual events in recent days, and he wonders if Lincoln Riley is coming to the SEC to coach another team besides the Sooners.

“There’s something going on at Oklahoma right now and I would not be surprised one bit if the next LSU coach is Lincoln Riley,” Luginbill said on The Next Round Live. “When you’re not at your Monday press conference coming off of a bye week, and then all of sudden nobody’s talking, there’s no information coming out of the building. Your team was clearly not prepared. They were not focused, and if you watched that game, Baylor physically beat them up. They hit harder, they tackled harder, they beat them up, up front, and that area is concerning.”

The co-hosts suggested that there is some smoke going around about that possibility.

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