Last week, Florida traveled to Baton Rouge to take on a game LSU squad — and came away with a 16-10 victory.

The win enabled Jim McElwain’s team to clinch the SEC East Division.

There were multiple narratives surrounding this contest. As such, it was a hot commodity as it pertained to social media:

Of the games shown on the SEC Network this year, the LSU-Florida contest was tweeted about more than any other conference clash. It was also the most-streamed Saturday game ever.

There are a number of reasons for why this is the case. For one, Florida needed to win in order to become SEC East champs. One would think many Floridians would be tuned in for the game in order to see their Gators win the division crown.

Prior to the game starting, a scuffle broke out on the field between both teams. All-everything LSU running back Leonard Fournette was shown shoving a Florida coach. This surely stoked the proverbial social media fires.

Hurricane Matthew prevented the original Oct. 8 contest from being played. This then led to a back-and-forth between both administrations, as they tried to determine when this game would ultimately be played.

LSU AD Joe Alleva was steadfast in his conviction to not give up an LSU home game as a means to reschedule this game. As such, this game — which was supposed to be played in Gainesville — was played in Baton Rouge.

LSU will now have to travel to Gainesville in back-to-back seasons as a means to satisfy the entire ordeal.

For all of these reasons, it isn’t a complete shock as to why there was so much interest surrounding this game.