LSU faced a tough task on Saturday night when the Tigers had to try to go into Tuscaloosa and pull off an upset against No. 2 Alabama.

Though it was a closer game than Alabama has been used to this year, the Crimson Tide rolled to a relatively easy 24-10 win over the No. 19 Tigers.

However, after the game, LSU WR Russell Gage said he wasn’t impressed by Alabama. In fact, he said, if the Tigers had hit a few more of their deep passes, they would have won:

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Could LSU have pulled off the massive upset if it had hit a few more deep passes? Probably, but the fact of the matter is that the Tigers didn’t do that.

Every team that loses to Bama has plenty of “what ifs?” but that’s the point — if you don’t capitalize on your opportunities, you aren’t going to win against a team like the Crimson Tide.

LSU won’t get to play Alabama again this year, so until they square off in 2018, Gage and his teammates will be left wondering what they could have done to make things different.