The Pac-12 canceled its season earlier this week due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the SEC is marching toward having a season one day at a time, along with the ACC and Big 12.

The SEC is scheduled to start practice on August 17th and start its Week 1 games on September 26th.

Former LSU president F. King Alexander holds the same position at Oregon State, and he assumed office on July 1, 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with, Alexander was asked what the Pac-12 sees that the SEC doesn’t see. He said, “It think, probably, reality.”

The president also went on to say the SEC faces political pressures to play football that aren’t in the Pac-12 states.

“Logistically and realistically, it’s quite a gamble on their part … a big gamble,” Alexander said. “There are serious consequences if they lose.”

The Pac-12 will look at playing a football season in the spring, along with the Big Ten; however, it’s not a given that it can even be pulled off.