Paul Finebaum weighs in on the hot-button issues around the SEC. He’s even set to write a book about the rivalries between Nick Saban and former assistants Jimbo Fisher and Kirby Smart (alongside’s John Talty).

As part of the promotion of that upcoming book, Finebaum spent time talking to Awful Announcing recently.

One of the topics of discussion? Brian Kelly at LSU vs. Lincoln Riley at USC. Finebaum was asked who would have more short-term and long-term success at their new schools, and here’s how he answered:

Who is going to be more successful both short-term and long-term: Lincoln Riley at USC or Brian Kelly at LSU?

“I think Lincoln Riley short-term will probably be more successful. He does not have to deal with the SEC West, which means he doesn’t see Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Alabama every year. He’s got a shot early on.

“Long-term, I do like Brian Kelly’s chances, because you can win a national championship at LSU despite almost everything. The last three coaches at LSU have all won championships: Saban, Les Miles, and Ed Orgeron. And the final two are out of coaching right now and are unlikely to ever return. Brian Kelly is a phenomenal football coach.”

Kelly has already made some key additions to the LSU roster via the transfer portal. Of course, Riley has made even bigger portal splashes this offseason.

We’ll see if Finebaum is proven right about Riley being successful in the short-term and Kelly in the long run.