If support staffs are the new arms race in college football, then it looks like LSU does not want to be outspent.

Ross Dellenger of The Advocate recently obtained the 2018 salaries for LSU analysts via a records request with the university. Dellenger found LSU is paying 10 analysts a combined $595,000. The salaries range from $30,000 (former NFL assistant Donovan Jackson) to $76,500 (Ronnie Wheat).

The offensive analysts are listed as follow:
Jorge Munoz – $70,000
Steve Kragthorpe – $60,000
Brad Kragthorpe – $50,000
Blaine Gautier – $48,500
Donovan Jackson – $30,000

The defensive analysts are:
Kevin Coyle – $70,000
Mark Criner – $70,000
Aaron Schwanz – $70,000
Ronnie Wheat – $76,500
Leon Wright – $50,000

Analysts are not allowed to participate in on-field coaching according to NCAA rules and typically do not go on the road recruiting except in the instance of a staff vacancy. Dellenger’s report notes that the 10 analysts are “at will” employees and not under contract with the school.

While circumstances vary, it is interesting to note that many of the LSU analyst salaries are higher than the salaries for Alabama’s high-profile analysts. Former Tennessee coach Butch Jones will reportedly make $35,000 at UA this fall. The Crimson Tide previously paid Steve Sarkisian the same salary in 2016. Current Alabama offensive coordinator Mike Locksley made $45,000 as an analyst in 2016.