LSU has taken a step closer to filling its future non-conference schedule for the 2024 season as South Alabama has announced its football program will be playing in Death Valley on Sept. 28, 2024.

The Tigers already had non-conference games on the book for the 2024 season against UCLA, on Aug. 31, and Rice, on Sept. 7.

South Alabama head coach Steve Campbell offered these thoughts on the future game at LSU:

“It will be great to play a team that is perennially in the top 10-15 in the country, one that is an SEC power and has been among the best in the region for the longest time. It also gives us an opportunity to play a big game in an area that we recruit.  It’s always fun to play in those environments, that’s why you sign up to come to South Alabama, to play in big games like that.”

The two programs were scheduled to meet in 2016 but that game never happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Instead of hosting South Alabama, LSU ended up hosting Florida during the slot previously given to the Jaguars.