Getting to the root of the grassroots conversation about Les Miles eating grass hasn’t been easy.

Until now.

Miles gave some clarity to the ongoing mystery on Wednesday during National Signing Day in an interview with CBS Sports.

During the talk, host Nick Kostos believed LSU had done the right thing by retaining Miles as head coach, pointing to the fact that LSU was poised to finish with at least a top 5 recruiting class (they finished No. 3).

“I actually wanted in your honor to eat some grass up here on the set for you, and (co-host) Brady Quinn actually overruled me,” Kostos said. “So you can thank Brady for the no grass eating on the set.”

Kostos struck gold with that joke because that opened up Miles to reveal the origin of why he started taking a bite out of lawn.

“You would figure that a guy that spent as much time on actual natural turf would understand a quality blade of grass and how it changes the taste in one’s mouth,” said Miles, referring to Quinn’s time at Notre Dame.

After Quinn made it clear that he’d never ventured to snack on grass, Miles said, “You must have never played right field. That was the dubious distinction that I had. I have gone out to a right field where nobody hit the ball out there and you needed something to do.”

So, there we have it. Miles simply used grass as a snack substitute for the typical ones like sunflower seeds or bubble gum during his time playing baseball.

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