Will Wade may be back in Baton Rouge but LSU wisely decided to cover itself in case violations are discovered to have taken place under the coach’s watch.

While Wade has been reinstated by the school, the latest out of Baton Rouge indicates LSU is proceeding with extreme caution. As first reported by Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated, LSU has reworked Wade’s deal before reinstating him at the school.

Here are the details of Wade’s new deal:

If the NCAA determines Wade committed a Level I or Level II violation, LSU is now permitted to terminate Wade’s contract and he is not permitted to claim he has been wrongfully terminated. In addition, if the NCAA serves notice to LSU that allegations have occurred under Wade or if Wade is federally indicted, the coach can be fired with cause.

Wade has agreed to these conditions.

Considering what Scott Woodward had to say during his formal introduction in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, this shouldn’t be much of a revelation. While LSU’s new AD was not involved in the reinstatement of Wade or this new restructured contract, it’s clear he’s leaving himself open in case more information is discovered on LSU’s basketball coach.

“I know less than you do. I need to be briefed and I need to find out what’s going on,” Woodward said during his introductory press conference when asked about Wade’s status at LSU. “Coach Wade is LSU’s coach and he will have my 100 percent support.”

For now, LSU and Woodward have Wade’s back but if anything new is revealed, the school is contractually prepared to move on immediately.