Joe Moorhead spent a considerable chunk of his opening statement at SEC Media Days discussing his childhood and one of his first favorite players — Dan Marino. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native even went to the same high school as Marino, Pittsburgh Central Catholic.

Moorhead said last month that he wore No. 13 from fifth grade to junior year in high school. Then he explained that Central Catholic decided during Moorhead’s senior year in high school that it would retire Marino’s jersey, and Moorhead wore No. 12 for the rest of his football career.

“I kind of figured I would be able to use this opportunity — since Dan, he forced me out of my number in my senior year in high school, and I am one of his biggest fans,” Moorhead said last month. “When my Fordham staff kind of strong-armed me to start Twitter a bunch of years ago, you obviously start following recruits and then you follow accounts you find humorous, your childhood idols. I actually got Dwight Gooden to follow me back recently. I figured that the least Dan could do was hit me with a follow back. And I’ve tried the follow/unfollow trick about 50 times to no avail. He played for Jackie, and I’ve tried to use that card. Terrell Buckley was a teammate of his on the Dolphins and nothing. So if Dan’s out there and he’s an SEC fan, if he’s listening, I sure would appreciate a follow back, @BallCoachJoeMo. If I do get that follow back, I would like to invite you to a game in Starkville. And as Pittsburgh people will know, I’ll have a cold case of Iron City on ice waiting for him.”

But as Moorhead recently tweeted, Marino has, indeed, followed him back. There’s no word yet on the case of Iron City, but this should surely put a spring in Moorhead’s step as he winds down preseason camp.

“From one #13 to another, many thanks for the much anticipated follow-back from my childhood idol and football legend @DanMarino,” Moorhead tweeted.