Jeff Lebby was introduced as Mississippi State’s next head coach Monday evening to much pomp and circumstance. Mississippi State fans are fired up about Lebby’s arrival in Starkville.

Lebby spoke to fans and media while at the event. Mississippi State also revealed Lebby’s contract details, including incentive plans.

Lebby’s base salary will be $4.51 million annually. Here are some of the notable incentives:

  • $50K if named SEC Coach of the Year
  • $100K if named National Coach of the Year
  • $100K for reaching a Tier 3 SEC bowl game (Birmingham, Independence, etc)
  • $250K for winning the SEC Title
  • $250K for participation in the CFP
  • $750K for a national title appearance
  • $1 million for winning a national title

Here are the full details.

Lebby is an offensive mind. At the helm of Oklahoma’s offense Lebby has led a scoring offense that ranks 3rd in the country in points per game (43.2) behind only LSU and Oregon.

The Sooners averaged 502 yards per game this season, making Oklahoma one of just 4 teams across the country averaging above 500 yards per game.

We’ll see if the Bulldogs can find a similar spark on offense once against under Lebby.