Mississippi State had several positives from the 28-26 Armed Forces Bowl win over Tulsa in Fort Worth, Texas, including a perfect balance of 30 running plays, and 30 passes.

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But coach Mike Leach also was asked about the post-game brawl taking something away from the victory on the field.

Here’s a sampling of what he told reporters after the game:

  • “Guys got caught up with being ahead rather than winning. So that’s something we’ve got to learn from.”
  • Asked Leach what happened after the game that led to the fight: “I don’t know. That’s a good question. All of a sudden there was a mosh pit out there.”
  • Leach said that the balance today (30 runs, 30 passes), was a mix of crappy weather and the checks Will Rogers was seeing at the line. Did mention MSU liked what it was able to do run blocking.
  • Leach said he’s not sure if there will be any discipline handed down following the brawl. Did note he doesn’t know what exactly happened, whether that meant Tulsa started it or if MSU helped light the fire.
  • Leach asked whether he thought the fight overshadowed the game: “I don’t think it marred anything we did out there whatsoever. The root of it’s dumb….The continuation of (the fight) is dumb. I would have that filed in the category of dumb.”
  • “I don’t think it marred anything we did out there whatsoever.” He did add it was “dumb” and that the “continuation of it is dumb.” “Where the dumb started, I’m not entirely sure,” Leach said.
  • Leach said he hopes it’s a typical baseball brawl type of deal where Mississippi State and Tulsa players can call each other and work it out tomorrow.
  • Leach on whether he got an explanation on the overturned pick-six initially: “That will cost you $25,000. Now you guys can chip in if you want and from there I’d be happy to share my thoughts. And I’m a guy that goes fairly detailed, so I don’t think you’d come up shortchanged.”
  • Leach said Brandon Ruiz was not available today. Didn’t go into any detail.

H/T Ben Portnoy and Tyler Horka.