Mississippi State’s football team has a unique chain.

It is not a turnover chain, but it does have special meaning.

It was introduced by Nick Savage, State’s strength coach, after the Bulldogs lost back-to-back road games against Georgia and Auburn earlier this season.

Savage, who gives the team a pep talk every week, came up with a speech he believed would help unify the team while back on the road playing against a ranked Texas A&M squad, an article from HailState.com said.

“Pacing back and forth in front of offense, defense and special teams, Savage held up a chain,” the article stated. “Not a small chain. Not the kind used for locking up a storage shed with a push mover and hedge clippers. Savage had a long, thick, industrial size and strength chain hanging from his hands.”

The chain is meant to represent the bond between the Mississippi State football family.

Mississippi State has played better since the chain was introduced (it took down the Aggies 35-14 that first day), and thus, it remains as a motivational prop for the Bulldogs.

One player is picked every week to carry it onto the field as a symbol of the team’s hard work, and as a reminder that they are “only as strong as they are united.”

The tweet below from Bob Carskadon indicates which player has carried the chain in each of State’s past four games: