Will Rogers can only smile when asked about the touchdown celebration with Caleb Ducking, which has caught on to start the season.

Rogers was a recent guest on “SEC Now” with Alyssa Lang and talked about how much the team enjoys the start.

“We’re just a group of guys who love playing together,” Rogers said.

One of those aspects is Ducking, who surprised Rogers during the first game of the season with a new touchdown celebration dance.

“It fits him pretty good and I don’t know, I threw him the ball, so I guess I get to do it too,” Rogers said.

Ducking has had plenty of reason to celebrate this season with 6 touchdowns on 24 catches for 272 yards. The touchdowns are second in the SEC among receivers, and third overall.

For his part, Ducking saw the interview and responded with a pair of hearts on social media.

The Bulldogs take on Arkansas this week in Starkville.