Mizzou beat out No. 10 seed Utah State on Thursday, setting up a trip to the Round of 32 for the first time in 13 years.

The Tigers will face off against another Tiger team in a matchup with Princeton. The 15-seed Tigers, who upset Arizona Thursday, are the only thing stopping Missouri from reaching the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2009.

Missouri assistant coach Kyle Smithpeters was responsible for the scouting report on Princeton before facing off with the Tigers, and had some keen insight on the team.

“They can speed it up but they’re really big on the flare screens. They’re really big on some slips. They’ll run some UCLA actions as well with the back screens. But the thing is just going to make sure that we don’t break down. Even if they do get mundane, we’ve got to ball pressure, not allow them to move the ball where they want to move it and just make sure that we’re making it difficult for them to run what they’re used to running. Quite honestly, it’s what we do. We’ve been preparing for this game for five months. Their offense is very similar to ours with a lot of their actions. So we should be able to, hopefully, come in and have a very good idea what needs to be done with a lot of these actions against us.”

Missouri and Princeton will face off Saturday at 6:10PM EST.