Missouri is set to begin spring practice this week in Columbia with the overall roster being in great shape in anticipation for the 2021 season.

Of course, there’s always going to be a few players that have to miss time due to rehab and/or injuries and Missouri is no different with camp set to begin on Friday.

During his first press conference to open camp in Columbia, Eli Drinkwitz noted a few players would not be available this spring: senior defensive lineman Kobie Whiteside, junior linebacker Cameron Wilkins and senior linebacker Jatorian Hansford.

“Kobie Whiteside will be out for the spring. He’s recovering from a post-season surgery,” Drinkwitz shared on Tuesday. “Cam Wilkins will not be back. He’s still recovering from his in-season surgery. Jatorian Hansford will be out in the spring as he’s recovering from a post-season injury surgery.”

While Mizzou will be down those three veteran defenders, the Tigers will be getting back redshirt freshman receiver Javian Hester. Drinkwitz also gave a special shoutout to former quarterback Shawn Robinson, who will be entering his first spring at defensive back.

“I don’t have my injury report in front of me but I think those will be the three that will be gone, or will not participate in spring,” Mizzou’s coach added. “But we do anticipate having JJ Hester back full speed, which is exciting for us. We are really excited to see Shawn Robinson go through a full spring of the transition and safety and he’s ready to go full speed.”

Finally, when it comes to players that will be unavailable for spring, Drinkwitz noted sophomore defensive back Jalani Williams is also expected to miss the team’s upcoming camp.

“Jalani Williams will be out this spring recovering from a post-season upper body surgery,” Drinkwitz added. “So he will miss the spring, which will allow Shawn to take advantage of those reps.”