The NFL has long had multiple games on Thanksgiving, but now the league is expected to add another major holiday to its schedule.

With Christmas Day set for a Sunday this year, the NFL’s plan this year is to play most of the Week 16 schedule on Saturday afternoon (Christmas Eve) and then follow that up with a prime-time game on Saturday night and 3 games on Sunday.

The NFL’s vice president of broadcasting, Mike North, revealed that information this week during an interview on the “Sal Sports and Stuff” podcast, CBS Sports reported.

“We’ll play one game on CBS afternoon, one game on Fox afternoon and our regular Sunday night game on NBC,” North said.

Christmas Day has also long been a holiday where the NBA had multiple marquee games. Now the NFL is moving on to the TV schedule among viewing options.

“Christmas, when it falls on an NFL game day, we’ve had a lot of success there, with all due respect to our friends at the NBA,” North said. “When we can play football on Christmas, it has proven to be something that our fans are interested in.”

This isn’t the first time the league has played multiple games on the holiday.

Since that first regular-season Christmas game in 1989, the league has been looking to utilize the holiday whenever possible. In 2004, the NFL played its first Christmas doubleheader.