Brian Kelly was recently asked to share how Notre Dame has successfully managed to land so many graduate transfers this offseason.

The coach’s answer will be much appreciated in Gainesville.

The question was posed to Kelly after the Irish beat out Florida State during the recruitment of former Marshall All-American offensive lineman, Cain Madden. Madden announced last week he planned to finish out his college career playing for Notre Dame immediately after visiting Tallahassee.

In the eyes of some Florida State fans, the “highlight” of Madden’s trip to Tallahassee came when the lineman was shown around campus in a Slingshot:

Here is what Kelly had to say after being asked about his program’s success recruiting graduate transfer players this offseason.

“Well, it’s not about brick and mortar, it’s not about fancy car shows or about the glitz. It’s about a sound business decision, because they’ve already been through that and that has kind of worn off,” Kelly responded. “It’s about making a smart business decision as it relates to the right now for them, and how it can elevate them to the next step.

“Most of that is, ‘How is this going to elevate me in terms of winning right now and my résumé as it relates to playing in the NFL?’ We’ve done well in that area and have a pretty good track record of moving guys on to the NFL. In the business kinda decision mode, without all the bells and whistles, a mature kid sees Notre Dame and goes, ‘This makes sense.’”

Sounds like Mike Norvell may need to come up with a new recruiting strategy.