Ole Miss fans were left furious after what they thought was an incomplete screen pass was instead ruled a backward pass and a fumble recovered by Mississippi State.

With the Rebels facing a 1st-and-10 at their own 36 trailing 24-16 with 7 minutes, 15 seconds left in regulation, Jaxson Dart threw a screen pass to Jonathan Mingo that was dropped. However, while the pass was initially ruled incomplete, Mississippi State argued that it was a backward pass and a live ball recovered by the Bulldogs. The Rebels, on their end, felt that an inadvertent whistle should have meant the play should have been dead in the first place.

After a review, the play was overturned in favor of the Bulldogs and ruled a Rebels fumble. And, as you can see below, Rebels fans reacted by throwing objects into the end zone. Fortunately, things didn’t escalate much further:

The Bulldogs, though, gave it right back after a Dillon Johnson carry saw him pushed out at the 1. A fumble by Will Rogers saw it go back into the hands of the Rebels.

What other surprises will this Egg Bowl have in store?