Leave it to Lane Kiffin to turn a coaching job question into a troll of another coach.

He may be the only coach in the nation that could pull that one off.

During Kiffin’s latest press conference to open LSU Week, which he arrived to wearing a “Merry Flipmas” t-shirt, Kiffin was asked to comment on the speculation that he will be a target for the Auburn job following Gus Malzahn’s firing on The Plains.

The way Kiffin views those rumors, that’s just part of the job when your players are performing well on the field.

“That’s just a product of when your players play well, you are going to be in rumors like that,” Kiffin answered when asked about the Auburn speculation. “There have been no conversations, anything like that.”

Before moving on to another question, Kiffin then got creative and found a way to mock Nick Saban.

“I wanted to say what I learned from my mentor,” Kiffin added. “You know, if you guys keep asking this, I’m going to have to tell you, I will not be the next head coach at Alabama, okay! So stopping asking me.

“I wasn’t suppose to say that but I just had to.”

If you didn’t get the reference, Nick Saban famously said he would not be the next Alabama coach during his time with the Miami Dolphins.

Of course, we all know that wasn’t the truth: