Lane Kiffin had a brief back-and-forth with a former player on Friday night.

BBN Tonight shared an interview with Keidron Smith. Smith played at Ole Miss from 2018-2021 before he transferred to Kentucky for the 2022 season. Smith was asked how the 2 SEC teams compare to one another. Smith responded by saying, “how we practice” and explained that Kentucky practices are more “laid-back” while Ole Miss practices were “a grind.”

Kiffin was not a fan of Smith’s response, and responded to say that he was “confused” and asked Smith if it’s “too much of a grind over here (at Ole Miss).”

Smith replied to Kiffin not long after, and accused his former coach of using him for “social media clout.” Smith also said that he and Kiffin did not speak to each other when Smith left for Kentucky.

Clearly, there is some bad blood between these men. For what it’s worth, Kiffin’s Rebels defeated Smith’s Wildcats back in October.