Talk about the understatement of the 2015 season.

An 8-4 record would not only be a disappointment for Ole Miss, it would be a catastrophic blow to the Rebel Nation psyche.

After the best recruiting class in school history in 2013, this was going to be the year. They had Robert Nkemdiche, Laquon Treadwell, Laremy Tunsil, Tony Connor and Evan Engram. Superstars, all of them.

This was the year the Rebels would not only make it to Atlanta for the first time for the SEC title game – and Ole Miss is the only original SEC West team never to do so – but it was supposed to be the year to crash the playoff party.

Then came Florida. And Memphis. And Arkansas.

Bye bye, Atlanta.

But worse than losing the hope of a national championship run is to lose the hope of some Ole Miss fans. After beating Alabama for the second straight year, expectations were high for the Rebels.

Last year, there were close losses to LSU and Auburn along with a blowout to Arkansas. The came the Peach Bowl debacle with TCU.

Things were looking up early for the Rebels. They were scoring more than the Ole Miss basketball team, had beaten both   Alabama and Auburn on the road and were up 14-0 start against Memphis.

The Rebels were calling travel agents to book flights to Atlanta.

Then Memphis won going away. Florida was a bit of a shock, but it, like the game at the Liberty Bowl, was a bit of a trap. That trap was sprung and it was lethal. But the death knell came on a fourth-and-25 play against Arkansas, when the Razorbacks pulled out a miracle then won in overtime.

Now, can the Rebels salvage the year?

LSU comes to Oxford a week from Saturday. The game has lost a lot of luster since the Tigers were crushed by Alabama and the Razorbacks did their thing.

That game is tough enough, but what about the week after? The Egg Bowl looms. Mississippi State is now ranked, the Rebels are not. State is getting hot, Ole Miss not so much. The game will also be Dak Prescott’s last in Starkville.

A loss to LSU would give the Rebels their fourth defeat and that would be disappointing.

Another one to State would be a fifth.

A record of 8-4 is still infinitely better than 7-5.

Five losses would be a disaster for a team that had so much promise. Four may not be so bad.