If you’ve been watching any college football game this year so far, you’ll notice that officials are not using their traditional whistles.

Instead, they have electronic whistles, which are either held by the referees or attached to their belts. However, they’re already causing problems.

Even in stadiums with significantly-reduced capacities, players are having trouble hearing them. In Saturday afternoon’s Oklahoma State-Tulsa game, for example, players were continuing to go through plays even after officials had attempted to blow the play dead.

ESPN’s broadcast crew spent time criticizing the whistles, and plenty of people on Twitter were also critical of the new rule. Here’s some of the reaction thus far:

As long as refs aren’t sharing whistles and don’t blow them in players’ faces, it seems silly that they can’t have the traditional whistles. Clearly the electronic ones aren’t working, so we’ll see what happens with this situation moving forward.