The Alabama Crimson Tide won the SEC West Saturday night with the 42-35 win over Arkansas. Georgia, obviously, won the SEC East earlier this season, and now, the SEC Championship Game is set.

The top-ranked Bulldogs will play the No. 2 Crimson Tide for the conference title in Atlanta on December 4.

Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman has played and lost to both programs this season, and he was asked after the loss to Alabama how the 2 teams compare. Pittman didn’t want to answer the question; however, he did shed some light on the 2 teams.

“I think it’s a really question, but I just really don’t want to answer it,” Pittman said shaking his head during the postgame press conference.

“I mean, they’re both really good teams. Both physical. Alabama throws the ball more than Georgia does. You know, they have different people. Georgia believes in turning around and hammering you and play action off of it. Both really good football teams.”

Arkansas played Alabama much closer than Georgia, as the Bulldogs blew out the Razorbacks 37-0 in Sanford Stadium.

Georgia has the nation’s top defense, and it doesn’t have to have a dominant offense. Alabama, on the other hand, has to score more points because its defense hasn’t played well at times. Saturday night’s win over Arkansas is a prime example.

The SEC Championship Game will have a huge impact on the College Football Playoff seeding. If Georgia beats Alabama, the Tide will likely be eliminated from the Playoff. However, if the Tide knock off Georgia, both teams will get in.