The general consensus is that there are too many bowls. This season, there are literally too many bowls.

There won’t be enough 6-win teams with .500 records to fill a record 40 bowls after losses by several teams such as Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota and Illinois all lost this past week.

As a result, at least two teams with a 5-7 record will go bowling, and that number could stretch to as many as five.

While Indiana and Virginia Tech notched their sixth victories on Saturday, upping the total number of bowl-eligible teams to 75, that leaves five slots left to be filled. South Alabama, Kansas State and Georgia State are the only teams left that could become eligible next week.

The NCAA has a safety net plan for inviting 5-7 teams to bowls if they rank among the top five in Academic Progress Report (APR) scores. The committee could extend that plan and use the APR to prioritize those teams.

The Big Ten and Big 12 are both short of teams to fill all of their agreements. That means 5-7 Big Ten teams Nebraska, Minnesota and Illinois could be invited. The same goes for 5-win Big 12 team Kansas State regardless if the Wildcats win their last game against West Virginia this Saturday.