Two SEC teams are being celebrated for their misery. That can’t be good.

Dan Wolken wrote that Florida is “in misery” while Auburn is “trending” towards misery in his latest Misery Index Column that was released by USA Today on Sunday. Starting with the Gators, Florida head coach Dan Mullen is receiving harsh criticism after he appeared to be content — and even celebratory — after a win over FCS Samford.

“No, Dan Mullen, you do not get to celebrate a 70-52 win over Samford like you won an SEC title,” Wolken wrote. “You do not get to pretend like all is well with your underachieving program. You do not get to live in a world of denial after your team trailed 42-28 late in the first half against a 4-6 opponent from the FCS.”

As for Auburn, the Tigers lost to Mississippi State 43-34 after leading the Bulldogs 28-3 in the first half.

“But constant chaos might actually be preferable to the garden variety bore that Bryan Harsin’s first season has become,” Wolken wrote. “What is Auburn this year? It’s a team that has won the games it should win and lost the games it should lose — that is, until Saturday when the Tigers blew a 28-3 lead against Mississippi State and lost 43-34.”

Will the misery continue? Florida plays at Missouri on Saturday. Auburn plays at South Carolina. Those would have been considered easy wins by the Gators and Tigers at the beginning of the season. Now, that thought process has changed significantly as the two teams have struggled over the past two weeks.